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Washing Machine Buying Guide (2021)

Too many washing machine brands, don’t know which one to buy? Sit back and relax while we present you our incisive buying guide.

Washing machines are an essential home appliance for busy families. With so many models available, knowing what to look for when buying a washing machine can be difficult – how do you even begin to compare? Our washing machine buying guide will help you make an informed decision, so that you know you’re getting the best washing machine to suit your needs and budget.

1. Best washing machine brands in India

Washing machine brands

  1. LG

    LG Electronics is the largest washing machine manufacturer with trusted service network across India. They have large range of innovative products in every budget range. LG is one of the first brands to launch latest technologies like Direct Drive and Inverter Technology.

    LG Washing machine brand in India

  2. IFB

    IFB is one of the rare, local but world-class premium brand. It is the market leader in the front loaders segment occupying over 40% of the market. This number is humongous given that even LG, the distant second occupies around 32%. They hold the credit of launching India’s first Front Load machine. The company now has more than 250 retail outlets known as IFB point.
    IFB Washing machine brand in India

  3. Samsung

    A popular brand in home appliances, Samsung innovates with various technologies to make laundry easier. It offers various products for washing machines which cater to the requirements of the users. The innovative Samsung FlexWash model is designed to meet all the requirements of laundry needs.

    Samsung Washing machine brand in India

  4. Whirlpool

    Whirlpool is one of the leading home appliance brands in India. Front Load Machines are designed in Europe to ensure best build quality. The company has the service network across 3500+ towns and cities in India.

    Whirlpool Washing machine brand in India

  5. Bosch

    More than 125 years of existence in, Bosch has been related to technology and then trying out many inventions that have made history. Bosch has their business locations in about 80 major locations in Germany.

    Bosch Washing machine brand in India

  6. Godrej, Onida

    There are other brands such as Godrej, Onida that concentrate on the economy part. Thus, if you have a constraint in the budget, you can very well opt for these brands as well.

2. Should you get a Front-load or Top-load washing machine?

This question remains on top of our buyer list and if you’re stuck between the two categories, you don’t need to look any further.
If you had a front-load washing machine previously or if it fits your home, you should go ahead with front-load washing machine. They use less water and energy than top-load washing machine and remove tough stains easily.

If the front-loading washing machine is so great, then why do most of the Indians buy top-loader? It is because top-loading washing machine requires less maintenance than front-loaders. Plus emotions and traditions fit in. Also, for older buyers or those with joint issues, top-loading washers typically stand at an ideal height to save the trouble of bending down.

front load washing machine

Front-load washing machine

+ Way better at stain removal.
+ They save a hell lot of water.
+ Require less energy for the operation.
+ You can stack them one over the another.

– You have to bend over to add/remove clothes.
– They have mold problems
– Overloading can be a bit risky
– It is hard to add clothes mid-cycle.

top load washing machine

Top-load washing machine

+ More convenient to use, saving trouble of bending down
+ You can add clothes during mid cycle
+ They can generally wash quicker
+ Require less maintenance than front-loader

– Cannot clean as efficiently as front-loader
– They are not so quiet
– Use more water and energy
– They cannot be stacked over one another

3. Should you get a Fully-Automatic or Semi-Automatic washing machine?

Fully automatic or semi-automatic, which one is right for you? Are you confused? Don’t worry in this section we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of washing machine. We hope it will help you to decide which one is right for you and buy the best washing machine in India.

Pros+ Saves lot of space
+ Save time
+ Less headache
+ No need to manually drain water
+ Program it, add detergent and leave
+ Auto resume after power failure
+ No need to close tap after filling of water
+ No need to put cloths from washer to dryer.
+ Child lock option
+ no electronic component
+ Easy repair
+ Cloths can be dried and washed at same time. It has two tubs one washer and other dryer.
+ Anybody can use it. Do not require any knowledge.
Cons– Cannot open door unless whole process is complete (in case of front loading only).
– Manual dryers perform better in comparison to automatic machines.
– Lots of electronics. Fault in any will create lot of problem.
– Repair of machine is little costlier.
– Need more space.
– Water needs to be closed once filled
– Require regular attention.
– Manual drain and refill operation
– Change the clothes from washer to dryer in order to dry clothes.
– No child safety feature.

4. Which technologies are used in Washing Machine?

The concept of washing machines originated in the eighteenth century. There has been a significant improvement in the quality and functionality of washing machines since then. New and improved technologies have made it possible.

From semi-automatic to fully automatic, from top loaders to front loaders, there has been a gradual improvement in the washing machine technologies.

There is a huge demand for washing machines in India. Big brands like LG, Samsung and Bosch, are manufacturing smart washing machines with the latest technologies.

a. 6 Motion DD technology and Wave Motion

Washing machine manufacturers have come up with various technologies for wash motions. One of them is 6 Motion DD technology introduced by LG. This technology provides optimised motion combination for each fabric type. Premium range of LG washing machines possesses 6-motion technology that has a capacity to replicate 6 wash motions.

b. Built-in Heaters

Built-in heaters are an essential feature of the latest washing machines available in the market. Premium front load machines have ceramic heaters to prevent the build-up of the stubborn calcium compound. The ceramic heaters also help in less energy consumption.

c. VRT+ and Antivibration technology

While using a washing machine, you usually face vibration and whirring problems. Washing machine manufacturers have come up with VRT+ technology to solve it and give you quieter washers. VRT+ stands for Vibration Reduction Technology Plus. This technology tries to keep the noise level at the lowest and washer balance stable.

Another technology called Antivibration technology mitigates vibrations occurring during the spin cycle. This technology counteracts the vibrations by incorporating high-tech sensors. These sensors uphold the load stability by regulating the drum motion.

d. Soak Wash technology

Washing machine brands have developed soaking technologies for doing the soaking task. Bubble soak, Super soak and Soak wash are some soaking techniques in Indian washing machines. The soak wash technology assists in keeping off tough stains by soaking the clothes in a detergent solution before washing begins. Most of the latest Lloyd washing machines are equipped with the soak wash technology.

e. Double Drive technology

Double drive technology is a washing machine technology that causes the pulsator and drum to rotate at the same time but in the opposite direction. Haier washing machines are equipped with this technology to ensure complete and uniform cleaning.

f. Aqua Energie technology

The hard water problem is common in many places in India. It is hard to wash clothes using hard water in a washing machine. To tackle this problem, many brands have introduced hard water treatment technology in their latest models.

Aqua Energie technology converts hard water into a soft one. Other brands manufacture washing machines capable of adjusting their performance according to the hardness of the water.

g. Digital Inverter technology

With technological innovation, manufacturers have now designed newer washing machine models with digital inverter technology. This technology helps the motor to detect the amount of load and operate at the best speed.

With this technology, motors are capable of running at a variable speed according to the load. This makes the washing machines more energy efficient with lesser noise.

h. Smart Control using Apps and Sensors

Washing machines have also become smarter, like televisions and mobile phones. With smart apps and sensors, you can control your washing machine using a mobile application. There are various WiFi-enabled washing machines available in the market. With the help of an app on your smartphone, you can control and identify the status of your washing machine on the smartphone itself.

Best Washing Machine in India – FAQ

1. Which brand is best for washing machine in India?

LG and Samsung are the most reliable and technologically driven brands in India. They offer wide range of models in both front load and top load segment and provide the best support and installations.

2. What brand of washing machine lasts the longest?

In this category, IFB is the best choice. Together in the front loaders segment occupying over 40% of the market and offering the best warranty in the market.

3. What type of washing machine is best?

Front-load washing machines are expensive but worth the money. They give more efficient washing than top-loaders. They are better at stain removal and accommodate all fabric types.

4. How to I choose the washing machine?

There are many factors to consider when buying your ideal washing machine. If you have less space, go for top loaders. If the budget is not an issue then go for front load washing machine. You should also consider if you want fully-automatic or semi-automatic. Other than that there are many factors like eco-friendly, ease of use, child lock, capacity, features, laundry needs.

5. Washing machine powder or liquid detergent, which is better?

Liquid detergents are better than the washing powder as the liquid can easily dissolve in water than the powders. Also, they do not create white residue that stick on the clothes.


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